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Season Pass: Photo Upload

Please upload your season pass photo here.

We will print your season pass for pickup at the

ticket window on your first visit!

Photo requirements:

  • Photo must be vertical (portrait orientation)

  • Photo must be of a single person, not cropped from an image with other people

  • Photo should be high resolution (not pixelated)

  • Photo must be a headshot, including the shoulders, neck, and head

  • Passholder should not be wearing any items that obstruct the view of the face, including hats, sunglasses, helmets, or goggles

  • Passholder should be facing the camera directly, not to the side or tilted

  • Background must be plain

  • No symbols, props, or any other additions

Please rename the photo file to the passholder's name and include the first and last name of the passholder in your submission as you would like them printed on the pass. Ensure the correct spelling of your first and last name as these will be displayed on your pass as you have typed them.

We will contact you if we have any problems printing your pass.

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