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Summer Bike + Adventure Camps

Sir Sam’s is excited to offer 9 different day camps this summer for our kids.  

We will be continuing our very popular biking and adventure camps.   

Our biking camps is a great activity for the summer. With more than 23 km of trails we have something for riders of all abilities.  This year we’ve added “The Easiest Way Down", a smooth grassy descent to get our new riders down the hill comfortably. 

Camp descriptions + links to registration are below.

Our adventure camp is a great opportunity for kids to enjoy nature and begin to learn teamwork, leadership and friendship skills.  The adventure camp will include a number of activities team based activities with the highlights including biking, climbing our new 60ft. observation tower, games and some water fun with the region’s largest water sprinkler. 

A meal plan is available for all of the camps (with the exception of the first trail riders). 

Meal cost per day is $17.50

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